The Red Arrow Health & Wellness Podcast

EP0061: Family Film Fest

May 10, 2021

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Introducing our movie night episode. This week our co-hosts and armchair cinephiles discuss fun for the whole family, from films to film-related activities to bring out the most in the experience. After a nostalgic run through their childhood movie experiences, both in the theater and at home, they dive into how they view films has evolved over time and how that now translates into movie night with their own kids. Results of a movie night survey provided to Kid-1, Kid-2, Kid-3, and Kid-4 are shared, listing their favorite live-action films, favorite animated films, pictures they most want to see, and their favorite snacks. Along the way through this family movie night journey, discussion touches on an the motion of the ocean, a cocktail from Jessica, the Red Arrow Challenge (RAC), the outcome of episode 60's coaching cliffhanger, and more.

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