The Red Arrow Health & Wellness Podcast

EP0068: Continuous Improvement Process

June 28, 2021

Perfection is a destination that is often impossible to reach, but the path to perfection is a journey we can all enjoy embarking upon. In this quasi-follow-up to episode 17 ('Building Your Performance Plan'), co-hosts Marco & Jessica dive into that journey; the continuous improvement process. As behavior analysts and self-described 'data nerds' they apply it to all aspects of their personal and professional lives, and in this episode they discuss applications in coaching, their personal performance plans (health/fitness), work with clients, and even their family's educations. Along the way they also touch on the official end of a family adventure over 3 decades in the making, Jessica's Father's Day surprise, Michigan whiskey cocktails, yakitori, the unexpected tiki hut discovery at a baseball game, Jessica's misadventures with her unmentionables, an extra special Red Arrow Challenge (RAC) update, and more!

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