The Red Arrow Health & Wellness Podcast

EP0074: Breakfasts of Champions

August 2, 2021

Breakfast. It's been called the most important meal of the day. This week our co-hosts relocate their recording space to the kitchen and are joined by Kid-1 as they prepare three low carb (i.e. keto-friendly, paleo-friendly) breakfast dishes. Cooking with kids can be an adventure, especially when the other three may wander in at any moment to add an extra element of chaos. For the menu Marco and Jessica both opted for cast iron skillet dishes, perfectly suited for mornings at home or out at the campsite during your summer vacation. As for Kid-1, she drew inspiration from the Summer Olympics and decided to go with chocolate donuts. That's right, low carb CHOCOLATE DONUTS made from scratch. Listen in to this wild ride as Marco & Jessica juggle recording, cooking, parenting, and unfiltered reactions from pint-sized taste testers... all on empty stomachs! 

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